Bust Half Dollar Auction and Sales Results

The Bust Half Nut Club, BHNC, was established in the late 1960s as a group dedicated to collecting, studying, and sharing information among fellow members about Bust Half Dollars attributed by Overton die marriage. The primary focus over the years has been on Capped Bust Half Dollars (1807-1836). However, an increasing number of members are also keenly interested in the pre-Turban Half Dollars (1794-1807). In addition, the study of die states is quite popular.

For anyone interested in the club, the BHNC holds general meetings at the annual summer ANA convention and also at the annual FUN (Florida United Numismatists) convention. The club members present are always glad to meet with and encourage budding collectors or seasoned numismatists who are either developing an interest in the early U.S. halves or who are looking to delve more deeply into this challenging series.

To be considered as a candidate for BHNC membership, an individual must own a minimum of 100 different Bust die marriages by Overton attribution, should be genuinely interested in obtaining new die marriages for their set, and must be sponsored by a current member who has verified the attributions and grades on their application.

For more information about the club visit their web site: here