Bust Half Dollar Auction and Sales Results

Welcome! If you collect Early Half Dollars, Draped or Capped Bust, by Overton variety this is the site for information about the prices these coins have demanded at auction and from fixed price lists. You can view a sample of the information available via subscription by pressing here or pressing "Sample Price List" above. If you already own 100 or more varieties you should consider joining the Bust Half Nut Club, BHNC. Press here or above under Organizations for more information on the BHNC. The John Reich Collectors Society, JRCS, is another source of information about early Federal coinage. Again press here or above under Organizations for more information on the JRCS.

For information about dealers who specialize in Draped and Capped Bust Halfs and coin auction companys press here or above. A subscription to the Draped and Capped Bust Half price information from over 1024 auctions and over 64,647 transactions dating back to the late 1980s is available for $20 per year (a portion of the subscription price will be donated to the JRCS and the BHNC). Follow the instructions on the Subscribe page. Price information from recent auctions and fixed price lists is added to the site as it becomes available. Usually at least monthly.