Bust Half Dollar Auction and Sales Results

Coin Dealers who specialize in Bust Half Dollars

Sheridan Downey specializes in all bust half-dollars, 1794-1836. Sheridan's web site is: here. He holds two to three mail bid auctions per year, has ocassional fixed price lists, can be found at most major coin shows and can be reached at 800-597-9403 or via e-mail at sdowney3@aol.com.

Brian Greer

Stu Keen is entering his 28th year as a Bust Half specialist. In fact, he offers every denomination of John Reich designed coin. Stu publishes a fixed price list bi-monthly which can be obtained by e-mail request. He attends major coin shows, namely FUN, Long Beach, and the ANA Summer and Winter shows. His inventory of over 900 offerings contains many high grade and high rarity varieties.
Phone: (626) 799-2995 E-mail:coinsak@att.net

Dave Olmsted


Major Auction Houses who regularly sell Bust Half Dollars

Stack's - Bowers

Heritage is the world's largest numismatic firm. Thousands of items are available every week from auction or for immediate sale from inventory. As the official auctioneer of the FUN, Long Beach, and both 2004 ANA shows, and through our weekly Exclusively Internet auctions, chances are that you will be able to find that Bust Half Dollar or any other coin you might be looking for. Heritage's award-winning website is here.
The Heritage website includes Permanent Auction Archives, which lead you to images and prices of every coin sold in a Heritage Auction: http://apps.heritagecoin.com/common/auction/pricesrealized.php?type=busthalfprices_paa_apl080603a
For a general price listing of Bust Half Dollars, click here.
Click here for a price guide for beginners: http://www.heritagecoin.com/info/typevalues.asp?type=busthalfprices_tv_apl080603a